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Plan Ahead - Shop for several meals at a time and plan out your week. Double or triple recipes to freeze and/or eat for another meal.

Use Shortcuts - Use prepackaged veggies and lean meats. Try out "see recipe on back" options. Try a healthy frozen stir fry mix.

Make meals you know healthier- Try baking instead of frying, using low calorie cooking spray or oil instead of butter or high fat oil. Try ground turkey instead of beef. Remember, your "easy" recipe is probably easy because you've made it a lot. New, healthier recipes will soon become easy too!

Check out these websites!

 This website has recipes of all kinds and for a budget. It will price the cost of each serving of the meal. 


This website has hundreds of free recipes for every meal and every taste that can be made in 15-30 minutes. Sign up for recipes sent to your inbox too.


The Mayo clinic has a paid program designed by physicians and dieticians to help lose weight, but if you put your email address in they will send you free easy recipes and weight loss tips.


Has many free and easy recipes as well.

Healthy Cooking Recipes and Tips

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