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August 15, 2018 

In 2017 Rob was a Level 3 (High Risk) on his Health Risk Assessment (HRA) with an A1c  ( normal = <5.7) at 6.8. and high triglycerides at 297 (normal <200). 


Through his participation through this Employer offered HRA and engagement in the program, Rob made the lifestyle changes suggested.  Today one year later, he is a Level 1 with a new A1c of 4.7 and triglycerides of 195. 


 When asked what changes he made:

"I no longer drink pop and eat two eggs every morning for breakfast"



November, 2018 

In March Teresa started her new journey.  At that time her BMI was 36.39% with elevated total cholesterol (224) and high triglycerides (210). 


She embarked on intentional changes in her health and wellness.  One of her first simple changes was to have a healthy breakfast to start her day. She left the bread in the cupboard and each day substituted for eggs. 

In 7 months, her HRA had changed as well.  Her BMI was  now 30.5% and her total cholesterol had fallen to 167 and triglycerides to 98. 

Today she continues to live intentional with bimonthly checks at the clinic in our weight management program.

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