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Finding Growth, Resiliency and Purpose

  • Growth is a Journey, Not a Destination - Personal development is a lifelong path, not just fixing a few things and being done. Learn from every experience.

  • Don't be Afraid to Fail - The only failure anyone can have is the failure to try. Every single success has thousands of failures behind it.

  • Let the Past be the Past - It's important to learn from the past and know how it's shaped you. You learn the most from your mistakes and other's mistakes. But once you understand past, and have learned from it, let it go and move forward.

  • Every Day is a New Day - Did you fall off your new path or goal? That's part of the process! Even if it takes 1,000 tries don't stop moving forward.

  • It's all as it should be - Do you think your life isn't how it should be? Regardless of how you think or feel, realize your situation is how it should be and learn from it. How you can use your situation to be more than you currently are.

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude-It's all for you - Does life seem like it's against you? Every thing that happens helps in your personal development, especially hard things if you let them. See the gift in the challenge and be thankful every day.

  • Volunteer - Giving your time, talents, and money helps you find purpose and meaning. 

  • Attend Church Services - Or other groups with purpose. 

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Finding Purpose

You are Here for a Reason! You can find purpose in any job, at home, and by helping others.

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