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What we do at your Annual Health Risk Assessment:


  • We do your yearly participation appointment in your birth month at your place of employment. This appointment can also be done at our office at 921 E Tinkham Ave

  • At this appointment we obtain a small blood sample through a finger poke. We then test your cholesterol and A1C (3 month average of your blood sugar that will indicate if you are pre-diabetic).

  • We also take weight, calculate BMI, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen as well as go through your medications, family history, social history, etc

  • None of this information is shared with your employer.

  • We then assign you a level based on your results. 

    • Level 1- come in once a year (no big abnormal values)

    • Level 2- come in twice a year

    • Level 3- come in four times a year.

  • At this time we can also discuss any issues you may have and provide counseling or give you a referral.

Why Participate in Health & Wellness


  • Discount on Health Insurance

  • Free to Participate

  • Confidential

  • Easy to access at your place of work

  • Free access to our medical office and health care providers

  • Many free lab services

  • These health screens can help you be healthier and happier and may save your life.



Some ways your Wellness Coach can help you:

Come in anytime your Wellness Coach is available, you DO NOT have to wait for your HRA appointment.


  • Exercise and Nutrition advice

  • Depression and Anxiety support

  • Weight loss help/management

  • BP management

  • General medical advice

  • Medication Refills

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Make appointments

  • If there is something else you are looking for, please ask.


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