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Eat your main meal before your shift. This will help keep you fuelled for the next 12 hours. Try having your main meal before you leave, between 5-6pm. Then have a small additional meal and snacks throughout the night. 

Have a small breakfast or snack after a night shift. It can be hard to sleep well if you are too full or hungry. Avoid fatty, fried, spicy or sugary food. All of these foods can make you feel sluggish and contribute to weight gain. They are even worse overnight when your digestive processes are slowed, causing heartburn, gas and constipation.

Bring your own snacks. Eating healthy, high protein snacks can keep you alert and productive through the night. Avoid cafeteria vending machines as they offer high carb, fat and sugar options that leave you feeling sluggish.

Snack Ideas:

- Hard boiled eggs.

- Granola bars.

- Veggies with hummus.

- Smoothies with added protein.

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