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Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to improve and maintain your health. Just 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise (e.g., a brisk walk) can decrease your chances of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression and anxiety. It can also help you lose weight, and strengthen muscles and bones. If you aren't sure how to start being active, we have examples that will make you and your family start feeling great!

-Walk to work 1-2 times per week or take public transportation part of the way and walk the rest.

-Take a 10-15 minute brisk walk during your work breaks.

-Take a 10-15 minute brisk walk before or after meals with your family.

-Walk up and down stairs; avoid taking the elevators and escalators.

-Enroll in a local exercise class.

-Join a sports team.

-Visit a local pool.

-Ride your bike to work 1-2 times per week, or go for evening rides with friends or family.

 7 Proven Benefits of Exercise

1. Controls Weight  

2. Combats many health conditions and diseases like-stroke, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression, anxiety, arthritis  

3. Improves mood  

4. Boosts energy  

5. Promotes better Sleep  

6. Can put spark back in a relationship  

7. Can be fun and social! 

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