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  • Access to our clinic if your employees do not have a primary care provider.

  • Access to same day visits so your employees can stay healthy and productive at work.   

  • Access to our staff after hours so they have options when it pertains to their health and wellness.     

  • Affordable options. Decrease ER utilization with same day and after hour access to care.

  • Affordable one-stop care.  Most labs and procedures for your Members (employee, spouse, dependents) are with NO ADDITIONAL COST to the employer.  Our program gives an employer a predictable and fixed monthly expense.    

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  • Engaged  employees are healthy employees. Our program works with employees to provide screening with our Health Risk Assessment tool.

  • Empowering employees by creating customized wellness plans

  • Access to clinic and provider when your employee may not have a healthcare home. 

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Measurable Tools

  • Monthly reports to employer on HRA participation and compliance of their employees.

  • Quarterly reports on the measurable tools. 

  • Annual reports that include HRA participation, measurable tools and cost savings.

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What our program can offer you as an Employer


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