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This is the age of productivity. For most of us the majority of our lives are filled with tasks that will develop and achieve a productive life. As a result, most adults in the prime of life are falling victim to the effects of constant stress: fatigue, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

The mind and body must rest. They must learn to break from the swirling activity of the day and the fitful thoughts of the night. Rest promotes focus, clarity, balance and mental and emotional health. It is a form of energy and strength that can allow better productivity because it promotes better health.


Meditation is one of the simplest and most useful tools for promoting rest in both body and mind. It is a practice which has transcended ages cultures and religions. It is not a defined practice with a list of rules but it is an art that can be exhibited in various forms. To meditate is simply to focus the mind for a period of time. 


Thoughts, worries, pressures and tasks are constantly battling for our attention and therefore meditation takes practice. However, once learned, meditation is a powerful tool for stress-management and relaxation. Considering the fact that stress is now regarded as a modern-day killer, it's management is vital for continued health and restoration of the body. 

Meditation is such a simple tool with the ability to gently enhance mood cognition and emotional and mental health. Ten minutes each day is a sufficient amount of time to gain the benefits of meditation and it can be engaged in almost anywhere and at almost any time. 


Perhaps for many, it may be time to add meditation to their life in light of the increasing prevalence of busy lifestyles and chronic stress. Taking a few minutes to calm the mind should be a welcome treat to any individual.

How To Meditate

Try this for 2-3 minutes to start

1. Sit or lie comfortably.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Breathe naturally, do not try to control it.

4. Focus on your breathing and how your body is moving without controlling it. Some people focus on a passage of Scripture or an inspiring thought to help reframe your thinking.

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